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NeuroFit: What's in the name?

The name NeuroFit encompasses my passion for mind-body wellness.  Our minds are integral to the success of our physical health and in attaining our unique optimal wellness goals.  Neuroplasticity in rehabilitation makes it possible for creating new positive and powerful neural pathways to override painful, ineffective or self-limiting movement patterns or habits.  Neurons that fire together wire together, so focusing on performing efficient functional movement patterns and habits will build stronger, positive neural pathways.  Neuromuscular re-education consists of educating the nervous system through a hands-on approach combined with uniquely chosen therapeutic activities for restoring spine and extremity postures and re-creating functional and pain-free movement patterns.  Restoring postures and functional movements serve as the core to harmonizing all areas of your life.

NeuroFit Wellness & Physical Therapy is located at 9441 Double Diamond Pkwy, Suite 13 Reno, Nevada 89521

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The first appointment is approximately 90 minutes, occasionally a little longer.  It will include a comprehensive evaluation AND your first treatment. You will be provided an individualized initial home program for you to follow during the week. Everyone is unique, therefore your treatment plan for follow up visits and a home program will be determined at the time of your evaluation.

No. In Nevada a referral is not required for a physical therapist to evaluate and provide ongoing treatment for a client.

Individualized Care

Our physical health is affected by a combination of several factors occurring over time and space including our personal relationships and experiences with our environments. I honor your comfort and privacy throughout your journey by creating this healing space.

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